About SwinLead

We are dedicated to fostering an environment where members can grow both personally and professionally to become confident, compassionate and responsible leaders in their chosen fields.

The SwinLead Team

Luna Smith


Luna Smith

Shazia Ali


Shazia Ali

Mursal Rezai


Mursal Rezai



Providing resources and opportunities for members to develop skills, competency, and values.


Uplifting members through empathy and compassion.


Building a safe and inclusive community in which members can build linking networks.



Creating and sustaining a community of innovative and inclusive leadership with a focus on equality and social impact while inspiring positive change and nurturing the next generation of leaders.


At SwinLead, we foster an inclusive environment and create meaningful experiences, celebrate diversity, and provide the support that every student needs to succeed as leaders in their communities and beyond.


SwinLead has organized a number of events in the past to provide leadership development opportunities for individuals and groups. These events have included workshops, seminars, and training sessions led by industry experts and experienced professionals. Participants have had the chance to learn about different leadership styles, effective communication strategies, conflict resolution techniques, and other relevant topics. Additionally, SwinLead has provided opportunities for networking and community building, allowing attendees to connect with peers and mentors in their field.


SwinLead has also provided a variety of resources for individuals looking to develop their leadership skills. These resources have included online courses, webinars, podcasts, and blog posts on topics such as goal setting, time management, decision-making, and team building. SwinLead's content is designed to be accessible and engaging, with a focus on practical, actionable advice that can be applied in a variety of contexts. Additionally, SwinLead has created a community of like-minded individuals interested in leadership development, providing a platform for sharing ideas, resources, and support.